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Laneen A. Haniah, is known as “Dr. Intimacy ~ The Surgeon for Your Soul”. She is a powerful author, speaker, Intimatologist and Personal Insights Specialist. Personal Insights Sessions are Dr. Intimacy’s own unique brand of a service she refers to as “soul-sculpting”; cutting through the issues to sculpt a better you! What she offers is both practical and applicable wisdom that is profound and transforming, developed through 20 years of a focused study of Biblical sexology and Intimatology. Laneen was first known for her world-renowned title, “The Spirits of Sexual Perversion Reference Book”, which has since become the foundation for a popular online book club, where she teaches on the subject weekly. She also authors one of the top-performing WordPress Blogs, “Insights from Dr. Intimacy”. She is best known now for her two-time, award winning radio broadcast, “Inspired Intimacy Talk Radio”. Dr. Intimacy is active in the community and on social media, sharing her passion for Love, Life and Intimacy in every way she can. In addtion to thease endeavors, Laneen Haniah is owner of Innovative Radiance Branding & Publishing. She is also a Preacher, spoken word artist and song-writer. Furthermore and best of all, Laneen is the proud Mom of seven beautiful children, ages 10 through 23. She gives credit for all of her accomplishments, gifts, talents and blessings to her very best friend, YaHWeH, The LORD GOD Almighty! To book Laneen “Dr. Intimacy” Haniah, for your next event or for a Personal Insights Session (soul-sculpting), please visit her website www.LaneenHaniah.com.

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